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Benefits of U-Pay Merchants

  • 支持多种付款方式Support various Payment Methods

    With plenty of payment services and options, U-Pay will provide the one that is right for your business.

  • U-Pay 行销方案支持增加品牌曝光率U-Pay Marketing Plan to Build Brand Awareness

    Stay connected with your customers by sending them your latest promotions and information through the U-Pay Wallet app.

  • U-Pay会员专属回馈User-Incentivized Scheme to Drive Sales

    Increase sales and customer retention through the U-Pay users loyalty program.

  • 营业资讯精准掌握Obtain Accurate Sales Data

    The U-PAY POS will offer you accurate transaction report to help you formulate effective sales strategy and planning.

Type of QR Codes

Dynamic QR Code

code type

Merchant enters the amount, and a QR code is generated for customers to scan

Static QR Code

code type

Customer scans merchant's static QR code and enters the amount to pay.

Merchant Guidance

Payment with Static QR Code

  • upay use stepsStep 1

    Customer scans the merchant QR code

  • upay use stepsStep 2

    Customer enters the payment amount

  • upay use stepsStep 3

    Payment detail

  • upay use stepsStep 4

    Payment completed

QR Pay

Merchant enters the amount in U-Pay POS machine, then a payment QR Code is generated for customers to scan and pay their bill.

Scan To Pay

Merchant enters the amount in U-Pay POS machine then scan the Pay QR on customers’ Wallet to complete the due payment.


Who can apply to be a U-Pay Merchant?
Is there any additional processing fee to register as a U-Pay Merchant?
What are the acceptable banks to process U-Pay Merchants' settlement account?